Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203863204574346610120524166.html It must not be the first that USA evil deeds done out of their own place, only Obama too suck to know how to hide the shame, it happens in Brazil today, it happened in Venezuela (That how you are Venezuela, you must not chained with any other nations to deal with your own sucking treason head [because if you don't 結婚kill him, he can only enlarge the evilest politicians low lower lowest deep deeper deepest man made hells pockets to dragon down more into their deepest darkest lowest man made hells.], you need to kill that sucking head and burn down all your own oil to dry out, that how Brazil has to do, that how Taiwan has to dry out or kill any female immediately after she gives birth to let e 房屋二胎very one of your people know that every your Taiwanese Chinese kid is orphan like me. You need to seal your Taiwan border and demand Mainland China to do the same to make sure your Chinese kids not have any room to be sold out, you need to demand no HongKong resident can have right to give birth, any HongKong found out pregnant must have to be forced to move to Mainland China and the woman must be kille 找房子d immediately after she given birth. You have to do whatever it takes to guard your innocent Chinese baby decent honest life right.), that how that suckiing Chevaz already sold out his own .for his selfish shameless "Navy.Sheng.Tone.Y.Gray" gang and gain, it happened in your Mainland China long before "Chin.Dynasty" down, that how MouJerDong must have had to seal your Mainland China in order to hold all your Chinese from fallin 租房子g down to the low lower lowest deep deeper deepest dark darker darkest hells, because Chinese has no oil but evil doers; that how happened in Taiwan, they sold out your Chinese kids to be slaved by anyone who willing to buy, that how CCF (I don't remember the entire brief letters, it's called like Christian Children Fund or something like that) about. That how Angus Tung forced to have sex with me without known by me; because they want to te 太平洋房屋ach every parents a lesson if anyone of them dare like my parents to try to grow the kid in the wild to get away the slavery link, my miserable life is their own to meet; that how evilest Bush senior to place his own daughter Condi Rice at that time her Chinese name called "Jane.Ah.Gun"(簡阿甘)in my parents next door neighbor to abused her dad's underground chain slavery terrors machine chased after me without known by me (How could I know, I did not know before, I kn 酒店打工ew it not too long ago because the Holy Ghost knew and know.), that how after my parents said died, "Uncle Wang" did not dare bring all my parents kids back to our own home. Condi Rice-Anita Hill-Anita Mui-簡阿甘-"Chen.Xin"-"Sue.Show.Nun" was the one forced Angus Tung to have sex with me, that how he became that one addicted to my sex instead of I addicted to him, because I truly falling in love with him at that time, I said no to him, not because he showed his marriage to "Sue.Show.Nun", be 長灘島cause I lost my virgin to ChuSheng "ChuChaoRen", ChuSheng "ChuChaoRen" rapist crime feared me and shamed me from meeting any love again. I don't deserve the sucking life I have had, however, the Ghost has no one but me can be good enough to communicate for them, that how the Ghost has to take advantage of my first smile to teaching Angus Tung math showed "How.Way.Ren.10" to get the entire lesson to tell to let you know how poor how helpless how desperate your entire Chinese kids have experienced after Chin Dy 會場佈置nasty down, you cannot afford to see it like nothing happening to keep allowing your evil Chinese gives birth and tooled fooled no way to see day light again. You rather no one gives birth of your Chinese blood, you must not allow any your Chinese baby already slaved inside that female dressed animal's belly lie. All your Chinese female "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" births news are or were lies that how your Chinese baby lying down even before coming into this earth to have a life. You have to kill every woman immediately after she given birth 酒店經紀, because lie down a baby worse than feeding opium to the baby, that how Mainland China "Do.9.粉" about, they rather die the baby than lie the baby down. Lie down the baby not only made you "5.Curse.用.Zhi.Bean" but also all your "Bean" slaved by underground chained salvery terrors to tooled fooled by the evilest politicians to eat you all invisibly, that how you need to seal the border not to allow anyone to enter your place again.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 借貸  .
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